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Big and Tall Lab Coats

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CH-1373-Cherokee Med-Man 32 inches Four Pockets Zip Front White Scrub Jacket
Style #: CH-1373
5 star
Reg. Price:$24.95
Your Price: $17.45
AD-805-Adar Classic 30 inch Three Pocket Unisex Consultation Short Lab Coat
Style #: AD-805
5 star
Reg. Price:$24.20
Your Price: $19.45
LA-3139-Landau 40.5 inch Twill Knee Length Mens Long Medical Lab Coat
Style #: LA-3139
5 star
Reg. Price:$33.08
Your Price: $24.09
BA-27172-Barco 35 inch Stream Line Three Welt Pocket Women Medical Lab Coat
Style #: BA-27172
5 star
Reg. Price:$32.45
Your Price: $27.00
ME-6116-White Swan Meta 40 inch Unisex Colored Medical Lab Coats
Style #: ME-6116
5 star
Reg. Price:$32.62
Your Price: $27.95
LA-3124-Landau Multiple Pockets 37 inch Men Protective Lab Coat
Style #: LA-3124
5 star
Reg. Price:$38.70
Your Price: $28.18
BA-1343-Barco 38 inch Multiple Pocket Womens Medical Lab Coat
Style #: BA-1343
5 star
Reg. Price:$36.83
Your Price: $30.50
ME-267-White Swan Meta 40 inch Men White Lab Coat
Style #: ME-267
5 star
Reg. Price:$37.38
Your Price: $31.95
XL-1014-Unisex Red Colored 40 inch Long Lab Coat
Style #: XL-1014
5 star
Reg. Price:$49.95
Your Price: $54.95
XL-1018-40 inch Short Sleeves Assorted Colors Unisex Tall Lab Coats
Style #: XL-1018
5 star
Reg. Price:$52.45
Your Price: $54.95
XL-1019-40 inch Three Quarter Sleeves Assorted Colors Unisex Long Medical Lab Coats
Style #: XL-1019
5 star
Reg. Price:$49.95
Your Price: $54.95
XL-1021-40 inch Three Quarter Sleeves Unisex Long White Medical Lab Coats
Style #: XL-1021
5 star
Reg. Price:$49.95
Your Price: $54.95
XL-1009-Four Pockets Women Colored Lab Coats
Style #: XL-1009
5 star
Reg. Price:$54.95
Your Price: $58.95
XL-1016-40 inch Assorted Colors Unisex Long Medical Lab Coats
Style #: XL-1016
5 star
Reg. Price:$68.70
Your Price: $62.95

Having trouble getting the right lab coat that fits you just right? You have found the right place to look for one. Our catalog of medical uniforms includes big and tall lab coats from various manufacturers like Barco and Dickies. These lab coats are of high quality and you can get them at great prices if you avail of our discount offers.

These big and tall lab coats are made from high quality fabrics which are certified to be comfortable and durable at the same time. Personalizing these big and tall lab coats is also not a problem as you can avail of our low-cost embroidery services. You can even send us your company's logo and we can have that affixed to your lab coat before we ship them to you. You can have your name embroidered too on the lab coat if you chose to.

We offer special discounts to students and further discounts for bulk orders. You can even have your orders delivered right at your doorstep if you place an order above $50. Call us toll free at 1-877-264-3717 or send us an email at for more information.