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    Certainty Lab Coat at great prices and deals

    Check out the revolutionary fabric technology used by Certainty Lab Coats

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      CE-36400A-Certainty 38 Inch Unisex Antimicrobial Lab Coat

      Length 38 inch

      Certainty 38 Inch Unisex Antimicrobial Lab Coat



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      Certainty Lab Coats features a revolutionary antimicrobial fabric technology that provides long lasting freshness and improved durability. Certainty decreases the growth of unwelcomed bacteria on the fabric, helping to boost the life of the garment and keep wearer odor free. We at JLC house a great collection of Certainty Lab Coats with many styles, great designs, colors and sizes. You can also add a bit of you to the design by availing our embroidery services. We can embroider the details such as name, designation, initials or corporate brand logo onto your lab coat before we ship them to you. Call us toll-free at 877-264-3717 to learn more about our embroidery rates. It might also interest you that we offer free shipping on orders more than $50.