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    Sapphire Lab Coats at Unbeatable Prices

    Get Sapphire Lab Coats at unbeatable prices and enjoy unbeatable value! Our Sapphire lab coats are made of materials that perfect for medical industry. Each Sapphire lab coat is specially designed so that you can work without the distractions. Now work with a fresh attitude in lab coats that go best with fashion and functionality!

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      SA-SA400A-Sapphire Luxury Women's 34 Inches Milan Color Labcoat

      Length 34 inch

      Sapphire Luxury Women's 34 Inches Milan Color Labcoat



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      Sapphire lab coats are just one of the high-quality brand medical suits that JLC is offering to the public for low-cost clothing. Doctors, nurses, physicians, dentists, scientists, and even medical/dental students wear lab coats to protect their clothing underneath and to prevent germs or bacteria from spreading. As you know, some garments and fabrics attract germs and bacteria that easily especially when wet. And if you use those in the hospitals and clinics, it will be dangerous to the patients and even to the workers. That is the reason why it is mandatory that lab coats are made with fabrics that are safe, stain resistant, durable, comfortable, has strong weave, and easy to maintain.

      Depending on your preference, you can choose from the different colors that are made with. And no matter what size your hospital employees are, this is not a problem since Sapphire lab coats are available in many sizes and if you can’t find your size – we will make one for you! Get in touch with our customer services for an MTO item.

      When you order Sapphire lab coats worth $50 or more, the shipping fee will be free of charge for you and the items will sure be delivered right where you want it. You can also have each Sapphire lab coat personalized by sending us your company logo so that we’ll have it embroidered on the clothing. Again, logo service and embroidery are low cost. With personalized Sapphire lab coats, your employees will have their identification and a uniform that is stylish as well.