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    Lab coats with Embroidery - Elevating Your Healthcare Attire!

    Lab coats with Embroidery - Elevating Your Healthcare Attire!

    Lab coats are essential wear for the people in the science professions, this is why it is important to upgrade your average, identical lab coats with personalization. Customization of your lab coat with embroidery, elevates your healthcare attire and sets your lab coats apart from the rest of the professionals. However, there are a few rules you need to flow in order to customize your best looking lab coats with embroidery.

    Selecting The Correct Style And Size

    In order to have the perfect embroidered lab coat, you need to find one that is the perfect size for you. Your lab coat should fit you well without being too tight or loose. It is also important to keep in mind the length of your embroidered lab coat and its sleeves. The length should not exceed the mandatory requirement as they can be hazardous to you and everyone around you. The length of the sleeves also should not be so long that you have to roll them up; as they could come undone, get in the way and becomes dangerous. Wearing embroidered lab coats with tight sleeves is also not recommended as it can restrict your movement.

    The style of your embroidered lab coat should also complement your physique. Because people come in combination of all shapes and sizes, one style of lab coat does not look good on everyone. This is why you should try on a few different styles to get your perfect style in embroidered lab coats.

    Selecting The Correct Embroidery Design

    Once you have selected the style and size you want for your embroidered lab coats, it is time to select the proper embroidery design. You can choose the embroidery font and size from the selection that companies offer. You can have your embroidered lab coats adorned with simple or complex embroidery, depending on your aesthetics. You also have the option between getting logos or line embroidery on your custom embroidered lab coats.

    After you have selected the font and size you want on your embroidered lab coats, you need to select the colors and placement of your embroidery. Some people like their embroidered lab coats embroidery on the left side over the heart; whereas, some like it on their chest on the right. Selecting the perfect design for your embroidered lab coats can boost confidence and allow you to confidentially take care of your tasks at work.

    Selecting The Correct Company

    In order to get good work done on your embroidered lab coats, you should always do your research and hire a company that has good reviews and success stories. While researching for embroidery companies, it is beneficial to look for companies that specialize in medical uniform embroidery. Proper alignment and thread usage for your embroidered lab coats is necessary for a clean and professional appearance of your custom embroidered lab coats.

    Proper Preparations

    Before you send your lab coats of to get embroidered, you might need to prepare the fabric. This includes washing the lab coats if necessary in order to remove any residue. Washing and drying your plain lab coats properly beforehand will also allow them to shrink before any embroidery work can be done on them. This ensures that the embroidery keeps its shape and does not get ruined.


    For a neat, sophisticated and professional look, it is important to pay attention to the placement of your embroidery. Whether you want to get logos, or line embroidery on your lab coats, proper placement and positioning of the embroidery of your lab coats will ensure a clean and professional looking embroidered lab coats. Sloppy placement of the embroidered logos or line embroidery will make you look unprofessional and careless. Whereas proper, aligned embroidery can make you look classy, sophisticated and professional.

    Thread And Color

    When customizing your embroidered lab coats, the color and thread you select are important considerations that you need to make. Your logos and line embroidery needs to be visible on your embroidered lab coats in order to look professional and attractive. This means that you should not have white thread embroidery on white lab coat; nor should you get black embroidery on dark blue lab coats, as both, the former and latter embroidery will not show on the fabric. It is however, recommended that you should always contrast your light and dark color threads based on the color of your lab coat. For example, if your lab coat is light or white in color then choosing dark colored threads would make the logos and text stand out. Likewise, if your lab coats are dark in color then having white or light colored threads for embroidering are the best options.

    The tread you select should also be study and durable in permanent colors, so it can withstand the maintenance and sanitization process without losing its color and texture.


    To make you embroidered lab coats last a long time, it is recommended that you follow the maintenance instructions. These instructions can teach you how to take care of your embroidered lab coats so the embroidery can stay intact. The maintenance instructions of your embroidered lab coats can be as simple as washing them in cold water, not using bleach or harsh detergents or directly ironing over the embroidery. Simple instructions that you can follow will ensure that your embroidered lab coats look neat and new for long.


    Upgrading your professional look by getting customized embroidered lab coats can elevate your look. It can give you the confidence you need to work harder, and look stylish while doing it. Embroidered lab coats not only keep you safe and looking attractive, but they also give you a level of distinction from the rest of your colleagues. This can be beneficial for your career as well as your patients. Seeing distinctive traits in our healthcare professionals allows the patients to remember their healthcare provider well.