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    The Lab Coat Regime - Why Is It Important To Wear and Clean Them

    The Lab Coat Regime - Why Is It Important To Wear and Clean Them

    Majority of people may have worked in environments where there was a need for a medical uniforms. For instance, a nurse will be given scrubs to wear, dentists make use of their bibs, mechanics have a set of overalls for protection and similarly a doctor wears lab coats to stay protected against contaminants and bacteria. However, if you've ever taught in a med school or taken science classes, you will find it quite cumbersome to encourage students to wear their lab coats on.

    Setting the Trend

    Today, the basic argument non-wearers give as a reason justifying not wearing lab coats to their educational institution is that they don't own one. Despite having it as a pre-requisite for almost all science degrees at most universities, students still manage to escape or avoid. Today, many online marketplaces have a vast range of fashionable lab coats in different styles and colors that just don't serve the need but are also high on style. Therefore, it is important for teachers and seniors to instill the importance of lab coats amongst juniors ensuring that they wear it to work and school. After all, a lab coat is not any piece of clothing, it is a representation of this prestigious field of medication dedicated to humanity.

    Better Protection

    The basic function of any lab coat is to ensure that the wearer remains protected. While it is essentially true that we may use chemicals that a piece of clothing cannot really offer complete protection from, but it can also reduce the intensity of the damage. Moreover they are priced affordably, so you can always change and replace them.

    If you are generally dealing with hazardous chemicals, it is also advised to add another apron to the wardrobe for added protection. Generally pathologist, doctors and researchers work in shared environments, so even if you are not directly dealing with contaminants or hazards, but working in close proximity may also cause damage.

    Enhancing Your Professional Appeal

    As a medical professional, you need to understand that a lab coat is a symbol of honor, commitment and responsibility. You may have observed that when you wear a lab coat, people give you more respect because medicine in general is considered a noble profession.

    Today, many platforms offer value added services when it comes to lab coats. For instance, you can opt for a made to order lab coat that is tailored according to your requirements. Such lab coats don't only render a custom fit enhancing your charisma but can also be equipped with your desired functionality. Be it extra storage space, breathable short sleeves, zippered closure etc. you can pick and choose what exactly you want. Similarly, another popular option these days is to have your lab coats embroidered with your name, logo or monogram for an enhanced look. The possibilities are rather endless.

    Escaping from wearing a lab coat to work is no option. Rather, one needs to come up with ways that can help in making the overall experience of wearing it worthwhile.