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    Lab Coats - A Symbol of Trust for Professionals

    Lab Coats - A Symbol of Trust for Professionals

    Today, nations are striving to encourage their youth to pursue a career in science. To do so, the professional attire they wear, plays a pivotal role.

    According to a recent study, researchers studied the impact of white lab coats on students bolstering their confidence to pursue a career in science. The researchers also studied whether lab coats help students in portraying themselves as scientists or choosing science related careers. The innate goal was to deduce whether tools and symbols can promote the interest of students in choosing a career path.

    In this era, this is a relatively important aspect of discussion, as career in STEM - science, technology, engineering and math is important for economic growth and also has significant monetary value for those pursuing a career in this field.

    While the number of job opportunities in STEM are increasing at a rampant pace, the influx of students majoring in these fields remains relatively low to meet the demands.

    The Impact of Clothing

    The first step to encourage more youngster to pursue a major in STEM fields and make a career is to help them see the value these jobs can offer to the society at large. One of the items associated with science students is a white lab coat.

    Clothing serves as an important tool for changing one's self-image according to various studies that discuss the effect of lab coats and suits on adults.

    When you wear a lab coat, you get the confidence that the career path you've chosen makes a positive impact on the life of others. The crisp white coats not only look appealing, but have apparently become a symbol of professionalism, hope, and responsibility.

    Today, when we see nursing professionals dressed in white lab coats, we immediately give the, the respect they deserve. While lab coats were initially adorned by professionals to protect themselves against spillages and contaminants, but now has become an epitome of respect for the profession.

    While it needs to be understood that a lab coat wholly and solely cannot compensate for a solid background and education in science. However, a simple piece of professional clothing is an inexpensive fuel to engage and attract the youth to follow the path of nobility, reward and respect. It serves as a catalyst encouraging the future scientists to give their best to this field.

    Al in all, lab coats for doctors and scientists is a tool that revokes their faith in their profession. A simple piece of clothing is an emblem of trust and compassion.