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    Life After COVID-19: A Change in Spectrum

    Life After COVID-19: A Change in Spectrum

    With COVID-19, life has come to a complete halt. The number of cases are increasing at a rampant pace globally, where tech giants like Apple and Google are playing their part to track the virus. At this point, some countries are considering to life their lockdowns altogether to help support the crippling economies. While the pandemic may come to an end shortly, its repercussions will remain in play. Soon there will be vaccine that will be administered to patients showing symptoms. Moreover, healthcare bodies will come up with protocols to prevent any such calamity of this magnitude to take place.

    Life after COVID-19 will not be the same, rest assured. With healthcare professionals suffering from PTSD, to a complete shift in point of care. Here are a few ways, we think life will change post COVID-19.

    The Definite Changes

    We all have seen hospitals overwhelmed with patients with lack of space, fear of being in close proximity to others and the dire need of a state-of-the-art healthcare system. According to individual and collective experiences, the healthcare sector will experience drastic changes listed below:

    • The Need To Focus on Our Front Liners

      COVID-19 has not only crippled economies, but the life of healthcare professionals is also at stake. Healthcare professionals are dealing with extreme work conditions to help cure the suffering humanity. Despite a shortage in PPEs, doctors are showing up to work in DIY kits and exhausting themselves for the welfare of the humanity.

      Considering the anxiety, risk and mental instability healthcare professionals are dealing with, there is a high probability of a burnout. While we all know the healthcare professionals are overworked, but things will be tougher when front liners start showing symptoms of symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Thereby, after this pandemic subsides, we will have to deal with the aftermath on our front liners.

    • Limitations and Barriers

      Gone are the days when people enjoyed a sense of trust. Traveling without limitations, meeting people and ordering things from round the globe. With crippling economies, and the high probability of the virus to make a comeback, people have to be careful. Life will take time to normalize even after the lockdown is lifted and it is our duty to act responsibly.

    • Improve Our Healthcare System

      The pandemic has clearly highlighted the shortcomings of our healthcare system. The overburdened hospitals need to be upgraded. The stakeholders need to look into the loopholes in the infrastructure and processes and design a system that is safe, robust and has the ability to deal with complex situations.

    What's Likely to Change?

    The pandemic will change the way stakeholders focus on healthcare, more attention will be given to front liners and economic conditions. Efforts will be made to facilitate the struggling economies.