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    How Medical Workers Can Care For Themselves In COVID-19

    How Medical Workers Can Care For Themselves In COVID-19

    With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the front line workers faced an extremely stressful time. Today, the need for governments, health care system and organizations to create a sustainable infrastructure with adequate resources to support nurses, physicians and care teams is greater than ever.

    As a healthcare professional, it is important for you to safeguard your mental and physical health particularly during the pandemic. While it is extremely easy to buy uniforms and scrubs online, today online platforms are also dealing in personal protective equipment (PPE) catering to the needs of clients. However, it is important to note that material goods are not the only thing that keep you healthy. It is more important for you to protect yourself and ensure your mental stability by dealing positively with day to day challenges.

    At this time, the healthcare sector is one of the most important ones battling this fatal pandemic. It is important for healthcare workers to follow the highest protocols of infection control for the welfare of themselves and loved ones. It is important to note that the virus does not discriminate and everyone is at risk.


    As a healthcare professional, you must be well aware that any health condition can alleviate with stress. Also, stress can clog your judgment which can be worse while dealing with patients during a pandemic. It is important for you to take some time out for yourself. Therefore, all you need to do is put minimal effort and unwind your mind.

    One of the easiest ways to relax yourself and reduce stress is by practicing tai chi, yoga, and meditation. All you need to do is find some space that is calm and serene, place your yoga mat and relax your mind and body. If you aren't familiar with yoga and cardio, rely on YouTube videos or download apps in your phone that can design your daily workout regime. As long as you devote 20-30 minutes to your overall wellbeing, you'd be great.

    It needs to be understood that exercise should be your priority for improved vitality and health. Along with consuming a balanced diet, exercise is an important thing that can ensure your wellness and health. You can either opt for calisthenics, cardio or weight training according to your goals.

    For instance, for cardio, you can simply invest in a treadmill if you are not on a budget. Otherwise, jogging or running is great to get the sweat running. Similarly, for weights training, you can invest in dumbbells to get the muscles you have longed for. Irrespective of your goals, you need to know that commitment is the key. Being consistent will definitely make a difference.

    Stay in Touch

    As a healthcare professional, you are well aware of the important of mental health in parallel to physical wellbeing. If you are always busy at work, you will find it more difficult and challenging to keep in touch with your loved ones. Ideally, you don't need to invest a fortune to take out some time for your loved ones. A quick call with your loved ones on Skype, a quiet lunch at your favorite restaurant with family, or a text message inquiring about your friend's health can make all the difference. Your social skills protect you from isolation or loneliness. It is important for your mental wellbeing.

    Take a Break

    Being a health care professional, you must be aware of the recent trends and patterns regarding COVID-19. Give yourself a break, and opt for a quick getaway to unwind yourself. You can also take a break from social media to overcome the information overload. The excessive information tends to make life more stressful and challenging. Find things that give you joy and find meaning in the smallest of things.

    Follow Safety Protocols

    It isn't optional for you or anyone to follow safety protocols. Health care professionals have a higher probability of getting exposed to COVID-19 as they are mostly in contact with patients who may be suffering from the ailment. Make sure to wear PPE at all times. Take a bath before leaving for work and make sure to disinfect all scrubs and devices. If possible, change your clothes prior to entering home. While these changes may seem overwhelming, you will have to make these adjustments to lead a healthy and happy life.