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    How to Style Your Lab Coats - Ultimate Guide

    How to Style Your Lab Coats - Ultimate Guide

    The white lab coat that medical professionals wear is a symbol of professional, experience and stature. However, an important aspect of styling your lab coat is what you wear it with or under makes a huge difference in your overall comfort and personality.

    If you are struggling to make the right choice, here's what you can pair your medical lab coats with to make an impression on your colleagues and patients.

    What To Wear with Your Lab Coat?

    For medical professionals, a white lab coat is a wardrobe staple. However, this shouldn't be the only thing that discriminates you from other medical professionals. For instance, you can personalize your lab coats with embroidery. This will not only enhance your charisma at work, but also make it easier for you to recognize your lab coats amidst others. Similarly, you can also add a personal touch with stock embroidery such as a stethoscope to look different.

    Just Lab Coat offers embroidery services within your budget to give your personality an edge.

    Other than that, medical professionals can also invest in name tags, watches, badges if your workplace allows. Make sure that you opt for subtle accessories instead of big weighs to look stylish yet professional.

    Bottom Line: It is totally up to you how you wish to accessorize your lab coats as long as it doesn't compromise on your professional appeal.

    What to Wear Underneath Your Lab Coat?

    What you can wear underneath your lab cab varies according to the place you work. For instance, some institutions allow you to wear whatever you want under a lab coat, while others are stricter and require only scrubs.

    If you have to wear scrubs, make sure to invest in high quality scrubs that will keep you comfortable all long. Just Lab Coat offers a variety of scrubs with functional features within your budget. Further, take good care of your scrubs by ensuring that they are clean at all times giving you a professional look at work.

    If you work in colder environments, you can also pair your lab coats with scrub jackets that will keep you warm and cozy. Similarly, for hot weathers, a light scrub or tee will suffice the needs.

    If you are allowed to wear regular clothes under your lab coat, keep it extremely professionals. You can opt for modest blouses that are comfortable and relaxed. Similarly pairing ankle boots, and tailored pants will make you ready for the day.

    Bottom Line: What you wear with or underneath your lab coat is extremely important as it gives you confidence to perform your best. Make sure to stock up your wardrobe with superior fitting medical workwear that gives you a professional and impressive look.