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    Time Management 101 For Doctors - 2021 Guide

    Time Management 101 For Doctors - 2021 Guide

    It goes without saying that medical workers, especially doctors, have the strictest schedule. They have a lot on their plate each day and are often over worked and exhausted. However, this all comes down to how well they manage their routine and schedule.

    Not every time a doctor is over worker or overburdened. Instead, they are over doing their jobs on a daily basis. Whether we talk from a doctor's or a neutral perspective, this seems to be an unsolvable situation - but, it is not!

    With better time management, you can ensure you take care of your day to day tasks as well as free up some time for yourself.

    Are you looking to change your life? Let us help you by sharing some time management tips.

    Implementing and following these will definitely help you in the long run.

    1: Only take on as many tasks as you do!

    We do not mean that you should not help everyone - after all, we work in this industry to make sure everyone is better. But, to manage your time and life better, it's best to do not agree to do whatever you are asked to do!

    You have to learn to say NO, whether or not you like it. There could be times when you can override this rule and make exceptions. But, if you are just agreeing to take on additional tasks every day, you will burn out real soon.

    Whether it is to see five more additional patients when the list is already full or accommodating a patient without appointment, you should refuse politely.

    Obviously, this may change in emergency circumstances as some things cannot wait. But, the things that can should be catered that way only.

    2: Do not become an all rounder

    Many doctors tend to become "I can do everything myself" type when there's no need to be. This does not mean they are overstepping the line, but they want to go an extra mile for their patients. However, sometimes you can lose composure when you do everything yourself.

    There are things which you can delegate to someone else for the sake of getting it done quickly. Smaller or less important tasks can be handed over to someone you trust which will allow you to get more time to focus on important tasks.

    All you have to do is spend less time teaching someone your tasks which, we promise, will be fruitful in the long run.

    3: Balance personal and professional life

    You must have heard that medical workers do not have a personal life. Their day starts and ends with the hospital taking care of their patients. While this is true, but if truly want, doctors and medical workers can have a life outside work. This is only possible if they can manage their time properly.

    It is not that you have to make time every single day, but making it an important part of your week is reasonable. Plan to spend time with your family, partner, friends, and loved ones during the week or weekend to relax and unwind. You can also participate in community activities.

    Making time during the week can be hectic, therefore, pre plan with the people for the weekend. Having a good personal life is crucial for a successful professional life.

    4: Do not bring work to home

    That's right. You are already handling a lot of things and bringing work to home will not make it better. Longer shifts, maybe late hours, over worked - considering you are in a field to provide care to patients, you have to be on top of your game every single day.

    Therefore, if you are not composed and productive before you start taking your appointments, you are doing it wrong.

    We recommend you showing up at work at least 30 minutes before than your shift. This will allow you to take care of any pending work as well as have a head start before you start seeing patients.

    5: Cut out on extra activities

    When you know you have a lot on your plate, it's better to focus on getting things done rather than wasting time here and there. It's okay to spend some time chatting and having a coffee, but it's best to minimize the time you spend on things which are of no value.

    Prioritize on getting important things done first before you decide to spend time on extra activities.