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    6 Best Lab Coat Types and Styles

    Over the passage of time, similar to all other pieces of clothing, lab coats have also considerably evolved. These lab coats are a symbol of respect and trust becoming the true representation of the profession.

    Generally, if you ask someone, they will instantly know that a person is a doctor if they are wearing a crisp clean lab coat and stethoscope around the neck. It has become a norm for doctors to wear a lab coat at work.

    Back in time, the length of the lab coat determined the seniority of the person wearing it. However, it is not the case anymore. Today, you can get a variety of lab coats in different styles in a variety of lengths. Similarly, there are different styles of lab coats that feature unique cuts, number of pockets, closure, buttons, fabric and more.

    It needs to be understood that not all lab coats are same and not all are created equally. The type of lab coat a professional prefers solely depends on their job requirements and the comfort. Other than that, other important aspects to take in consideration are pockets, openings, access to trouser pockets, stain or wrinkle resistance.

    Here are some popular styles of lab coats:

    Long Lab Coats

    These lab coats are the ones with lengths ranging from 36 to 42 inches. It generally reaches up to the knee of the wearer. These lab coats are known to provide superior coverage against spillages, contamination and bacteria.

    These lab coats are preferred by chemist, pharmacist, and individuals in pathological labs.

    Short Lab Coats

    These lab coats are generally shorter in length and have sizes ranging from 28 inches to 35 inches. These lab coats approximately reach thigh length.

    Those lab coats are identified as Tall, where 2 inches is added to the length and sleeve. This is ideal for people who have long arms.

    Consultation Coats

    These are the lab coats commonly used by medical doctors during consultation rounds. These coats have a striking resemblance with normal lab coats. Women these days style their lab coats differently for a stylish look and feminine appeal.

    Lab Jackets

    These are the lab coats that are short in length that are fitted and have a blazer like look and feel. With zip front closure, the lab jackets are comfortable, stylish and trendy.

    Fashion Lab Coats

    These lab coats have a slim with stylish accents like princess seams, back belts, darts and more for a flattering silhouette. These lab coats tend to drape nicely and compliment the figure.

    Colored Lab Coats

    With the standards in the medical fraternity evolving, colored lab coats have become increasingly popular. Medical settings are now becoming familiar to colored lab coats as they look impressive and attractive.