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    Why Wear Colored Lab Coats?

    Why Wear Colored Lab Coats?

    Medical uniforms play a pivotal role in medical and scientific laboratories. Traditionally, there were only white lab coats that was a symbol of representation of people working in the medical profession. Now, as white lab coats are mostly associated with physicians, people working in other medical have started to use colored lab coats to differentiate themselves.

    Apart from the medical industry, the use of lab coats have become common among car technicians as well. From medical industry's perspective, a white or colored lab coat protects individuals from different types of containment. Whether they are working in a lab or field, scientific and medical professionals can protect themselves from biological wastes or chemical spills.

    A lab coat of any color serves two primary purposes: (a) to save yourself from harm, and (b) to protect their underclothes. Other professionals who utilize a lab coat apart from medical professionals and car technicians include scientists, electricians, chemists, and more.

    As these are getting common among several professions, majority of the people have started using colored lab coats to differentiate among others.

    For long, the conventional white lab coat has become an identity of doctors and they consider it as a crucial part of their uniform. Depending on the hospital or medical institution you are working in, they define the people who are allowed to wear lab coats while on duty. For instance, big hospitals only permit senior physicians to wear it as it becomes easier to distinguish between residents and interns.

    Another way to go about this is by assigning a color code for lab coats for interns and other medical professionals working. For example, an intern can wear a blazer or dark colored lab coat.

    For scientific and laboratory professionals, they can wear longer lab coats (white or colored) not only for differentiation, but for added layer of protection. The colored lab coats they use are loose, breathable, and have knit cuff sleeves. These fit perfectly, and allows professionals to perform their tasks smoothly.

    On the contrary, there are a few medical professionals such as pediatricians and psychiatrists who do not wear lab coats. They believe that the clothing may trigger anxiety and fear among the patients.

    Why Wear Colored Lab Coats?

    There are several reasons why people may prefer to wear colored lab coats over white ones. If allowed where you work, you can choose a color as per your liking to look cool and trendy among others. Furthermore, colored lab coats can also be worn to complement your overall clothing style for the day. These do not only offer safety but allows you to look professional and aesthetically better.