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    Benefits Of Wearing A Lab Coat At Workplace

    Benefits Of Wearing A Lab Coat At Workplace

    When people think about a doctor, the first thing they visualize is ether a lab coat or a stethoscope. While the use of lab coats is not only limited to doctors as scientist in a lab often wear lab coats to keep themselves protected, but it is generally linked to the medical setting. The crisp, clean and impressive white lab coats are considered to be a relatively new addition to a doctor's work wear, but it has impeccable significance now.

    What Did Doctors Wear Before The Popularity Of Lab Coats?

    The wardrobe of a doctor has not been a lab coat since the start. Moreover, it was never white. Several years ago, bloodletting was a common way to administer medical treatment, thus doctors wore black. This was a rather popular choice as it could camouflage blood stains and other hazardous contaminants. The black lab coats also had stylistic significance, they symbolized the importance of the profession and also served as a reminder of death. Over the passage of time, when knowledge pertaining to the importance of cleanliness grew, the healthcare professionals needed a different look. For instance, black was a good choice to hide stains, but it also hid germs. Therefore, healthcare settings opted to change all colored beddings and uniforms with crisp and clean white beddings and lab coats.

    The lab coat is simply an unsung hero for all those who are working in the healthcare sector. Today, if you visit any chemistry lab, hospital, path lab etc, you will see everyone clad in white lab coats. If you are still unsure about why you need to wear a lab coat to work, here are a few reasons why you should:

    Unmatched Comfort

    By investing in high quality lab coats, you are bound to feel at ease at work. Generally, the scientist and doctors work under extremely stressful environments and pursue extremely stressful careers, therefore wearing comfortable lab coats can go a long way. The lab coats you find today are breathable, flexible, and moisture resistant, sweat wicking and loaded with modern fabric technology to keep you upbeat all day long. With properties that repel stains, working with hazardous chemicals has now been made easier. Moreover, with fashion forward lab coats becoming a norm, today medical uniforms are high on style, functionality, comfort and performance,

    Enhanced Professionalism

    When you wear a lab coat to work, you are more likely to be mindful of the way you look. As lab coats give you a distinguished look, your professionalism is likely to be more. Depending on the healthcare setting you work at, these lab coats give a sense of expertise and authority. As a healthcare professional, it is important for you to increase the level of trust your patients have in you, thus lab coats are the first thing that establish your credibility and distinguish you amongst patients.

    Displays Impartiality

    One of the important quality of a lab coat is that it displays impartiality. Your characteristics or gender do not have any impact on the way you provide care and perform in the healthcare setting. Therefore, the general standard and look of lab coat remains the same. The size and length of a lab coat is a deciding factor for professionals, along with the colors.

    Gives a Neat Look

    An important thing that gives lab coats an edge in terms of medical uniforms is that it gives a neat, professional and tidy look. During lunch time or while snacking, you can easily take off your lab coats to stay protected from stains. Similarly, any leakages from pen or contaminants can be easily washed off from the surface. Further, these lab coats are extremely affordable, so you can easily change them as and when required.

    Offers Complete Protection

    The primary reason for switching to white is the safety and precaution it offers. The safety factor can be considered one of the primary benefits of a lab coat. The overcoat acts as a protective layer protecting from cross contamination of bacteria. The lab coat protects the wearer's arm from hazardous substance and in events of spillages, it is easy to take off. Moreover, the poly cotton fabric construction is chemical resistant and flame retardant offering complete protection to the wearer.

    It Symbolizes Authority

    In the start we established that lab coats are usually associated with doctors, well that's true. So true in actuality that people are likely to give more precedence to the advice of a doctor wearing a lab coat than the one who does not. This is merely due to the coat symbolizing authority and professionalism. Moreover, it also gives the doctor a sense of confidence in his ability increasing overall professionalism.

    Lab Coats Are Easy

    Lastly, lab coats are an easy and safe choice for medical professionals. It makes it easier for professionals to rummage through their wardrobe eliminating the need of finding something to wear each day. Moreover, they are effortless as they give your personality an edge just be existing.

    All in all, lab coats are the need of professionals who desire to keep themselves protected and look professional at work.