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    5 Best In-Demand Lab Coats Style

    5 Best In-Demand Lab Coats Style

    Over the passage of time, lab coats have evolved similar to all other pieces of clothing. Back in time, lab coats were worn by doctor to denote the nobility of the profession and serve as a symbol of trust. It was therefore an icon for the profession. For instance, if you asked anyone how they judged that someone was a doctor, they would say either from a stethoscope or a crisp. Clean white lab coat.

    It has now become a norm for doctors to wear their white lab coats to work. Earlier, the length of the lab coat determined the superiority of the wearer, but the paradigms have now changed and it is not anymore a symbol of seniority. Today, you can find different styles of lab coats in a variety if lengths. Similarly, there are other styles also available as per the kind of button closure, number of pockets, fabric blends or trendy accents.

    It needs to be understood that not all lab coats are the same and created equally. For instance, the type of lab coat a doctor will choose depends on the level of comfort desired along with the specific job requirements. Other than that, there are a variety of factors that also come into play such as wrinkle resistance, functional pockets, stain resistance and easy trouser access.

    Popular Lab Coat Styles - Tailored As Per Your Needs

    Here are a few popular lab coat styles that are a professional wardrobe essential:

    Long Length Lab Coats:

    The full length long lab coats are full coverage lab coat with lengths ranging from 36 inches to 42 inches. These lab coats reach up to the knee of the person of the person wearing it.

    Short Length Lab Coats:

    These lab coats have a shorter length ranging from 28 inches to 35 inches that reaches up to the thigh length. There are a few lab coats that are identified as Tall where an additional 2 inches length is added. This additional length also applies to the sleeves to accommodate people who are taller.

    Consultation Coats:

    These lab coats are primarily worn during medical consultation rounds that look similar to normal coats. Women can easily style these lab coats as per their liking to look more stylish and feminine in contrast to a classic lab coat.

    Lab Jackets

    Lab jackets are merely trendy lab coats that are stylish and have a fitted look that resembles a blazer. The lab jackets feature zippers for closure.

    Fashion Lab Coats:

    The fashion lab coats have a slim fit featuring princess seams, back belt and cute accents for a feminine fit. These generally drape nicely for a stylish look.

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