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    What Nurses Should Wear to Their Workplace

    Is White Lab Coat The Symbol of Professionalism?

    It goes without saying that white colored lab coats are associated with people working in the medical or scientific profession. In olden times, such professionals only used to wear a white colored lab coat which became the ultimate representation of the medical industry. However, many people thought that the uniformity created confusions among different professionals such as an internee, doctor, physician, and more.

    Furthermore, it is deemed that in several medical institutions and hospitals, not every professional is allowed to white colored lab coat. Primarily, this was done to differentiate between internees, juniors, and seniors of different disciplines. But, the main issue that it created that there were different minds who believed that white lab coat has become a symbol or hierarchical elitism rather than professionalism and differentiation.

    If we ever discuss about the medical and scientific industry, the white colored apparel stands for integrity, honest, and professionalism. But, with such segregation - not many are content how these institutions and workplaces are using it.

    In a broader perspective, there are numerous perspective to wearing white colored lab coats. Many professionals do not prefer to wear it because they think it might create a barrier between them and the patients. While, some prefer to avoid it as their patients (audience) might not prefer it, or fear it. As said by Amrita John, MD "In my medical school training in India, we didn't want to have a barrier between patients and us. But it's true many people expect doctors to wear [white coats]."

    This is because these people see it as a symbol of professionalism and an individual who is committed to taking care of the sufferer.

    On the contrary, there are people who believe white colored lab coats strongly reminds them of the hierarchical elitism that exists in their work place or medical institutions. According to Sanjay Desai, MD, "Students interpreted the short white coat "as a physical symbol of hierarchy and rigidity, so we eliminated it. Our values haven't changed. But I am perfectly willing to compromise on symbols."

    All in all, we believe that it comes down to personal preferences of each individual. For years and decades, white lab coats have been around and considered as an accolade of achievement something extra ordinary. They are not going anywhere soon. But, if you do not like it - you can check the new colored lab coats for your convenience.