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    Reasons Why Medicine Is The Right Career Choice For You

    Reasons Why Medicine Is The Right Career Choice For You

    Have you ever pondered upon why medicine?

    It's a rather difficult question. Regardless of whether you want to pursue a career in medicine, need to prepare your personal statement or prep yourself for an interview, it is extremely difficult to articulate at times why medical is such an attractive/lucrative field.

    While it is not surprising that the idea of opting for medical as a field never intrigues most of us, even though some people have the knack and potential to explore and excel in this domain. If you are still struggling with the motivation to choose medicine as a career, continue reading further.

    You Make a Difference in Other's Life

    When you become a doctor, you dedicate your life to help people, ease their suffering and make them feel better. You are the caretaker of mankind ensuring they lead a healthy life. When patients come to you, they come with the hope that they will recover from their suffering.

    BUT, there's one thing that you need to know. They will forget us. Every one of them, since it's not about us as doctors, rather it's our job. One needs to understand that what we do makes a significant difference in the life of others. Regardless of the fact that people may not value you, but you will feel the satisfaction of being able to help those in need.

    You Understand the Miraculous Power of Science

    Medicine is a field of science that doctors adapt and imply. As a doctor, you will create hypotheses on the basis of physical assessment and patient history and we challenge notion with tests and imaging. The technologies used are further a result of science that have made it easier to evaluate and interpret.

    If you have a mind with critical analytical skills, you will certainly not get bored. All patients are a challenge with their individual problems.

    Medicine Opens Your Gateway to a Plethora of Opportunities

    Once you opt for medicine as your career, you get the opportunity to branch out in your desired STEM discipline. You could choose anything to apply your medical knowledge as a practitioner, develop new medical equipment that simplify operations and aid in treating disease, code for health applications or research as a scientist. The possibilities are simply endless!

    Dynamic Career Paths

    While assessing whether you want to pursue a career in medicine, you are likely to get dizzy with the number of specialties just in surgery and medicine. You might also think that that's all you can do with the degree. However, apart from being a cardiac surgeon or a radiologist, there are a plethora of options for you.

    For instance, you could work with governments to help them with health related reforms, or work with your favorite football club as a doctor. Similarly, if you have a knack for Information Technology, you could create an app or device. As long as there are humans, you will never be short of work.

    Being Hands On

    Medicine students know a lot and can use their knowledge to the best of their abilities. If you become a surgeon or a doctor, you can utilize all the knowledge you've acquired while studying or during physical examinations while conducting procedures on regular intervals. This is a major attraction for all those who find books boring and have more interest in hands-on procedures.

    Doctors Can Always Become Teachers

    The literal translation of the word doctor is teacher. Teaching is the most convenient profession for you if you like to impart knowledge. The profession can be extremely rewarding where you will be contributing and nurturing a new generation of doctors. So, if you are confused between medicine and teaching, choose medicine so that you can pursue both

    Working with Different Teams

    Don't worry about being around by same doctors all day long, since you will meet people of different disciplines with different personality traits. As a doctors, you will work physiotherapists, nurses, pharmacist, dieticians, etc.

    Meeting new people and understanding their perspective can be extremely liberating. Since everyone has different personalities, you will not meet similar people and also evolve when you learn from their experiences.

    Conferences Will Be a Fun Experience

    Medicine is a field that requires ample research, where numerous conferences take place on everyday basis. During your medical school tenure, you will be acquainted with the conference culture and post-graduation, they will be your escape from work.

    Now consider these conferences as you mini vacations to new cities, meeting top tier people who have dedicated their life to medicine and embracing different cultures. Moreover, the freebies are another added benefit.

    People Trust You

    One of the greatest privilege of being in the field of medicine is the love and warmth you receive. Doctors are positioned as lifesavers in the eyes of people. People will trust you with your life, secret and health. They will often trust you with things that they don't tell anyone. You are like family to most.


    If you have read this entire article, I'm sure you have a future in medicine. The field is not an easy choice and the lifestyle will be quite hard to make peace with, but the pros outweigh the cons. If you feel intrigued and have an urge to facilitate the suffering mankind, start browsing for med schools, now!