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    How to Know the Right Lab Coat Fit

    How to Know the Right Lab Coat Fit

    Lab coats are a part of uniform of people who work in the medical and scientific fields. Professionals wear them not only to follow the dress code of a particular hospital, laboratory, or medical institution, but to protect themselves as well. When you are working in such critical places where your job scope requires you to be alert, agile, and responsive - it is important to wear clothes that allows you to stay comfortable and relaxed at all times.

    This is why lab coats are preferred over blazers and coats as they provide a safer working environment when individuals have to react in emergency situations.

    Apart from being a part from uniform, the primary purpose that a lab coat serves is to protect professionals from hazards such as accidental spills.

    Therefore, it is crucial for you to get a lab coat that fits you perfectly, and not otherwise. These coats are designed in a manner to act as shield to keep you from harm. If you are confused about how to find that a lab coat is your perfect match, here is something we have come up with that can help you choose the right one:


    The first thing that you should check when trying a lab coat is to see if it fits your body and overall physique. Many a times, people tend to ignore this or settle for a reasonable fitting which does not pay well in the longer run. When you try a lab coat on, here is what you should do to ensure perfect fitting.

    • -    The buttons of your lab coats should close properly.
    • -    You can freely move your arms.
    • -    The lab coat does not get stuck around your hips or torso.
    • -    You feel comfortable wearing it.


    When all the above mentioned points are satisfactory, the next thing you should look at is the length of your lab coat. An ideal size of a lab coat length is when it hangs just above the knee. Hence, make sure that the professional coat you buy is not too short or long in length. Otherwise, it may affect your overall performance.


    When it comes to lab coats, the ideal sleeve length should be right above the thumb tip. This allows you to move freely and stay comfortable during longer hour shifts. The arms of the lab coat should hang at sides giving you more space. Try moving your arms in different positions when trying it on to see if you are able to move freely.