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    8 Best Tips to Survive Nursing School

    8 Best Tips to Survive Nursing School

    Have you ever thought about how difficult nursing school can be? A few nurses complain that the coursework is difficult, which can be demoralizing for mediocre students. Similar to any other profession, becoming a nurse requires a lot of hard work and perseverance. If you are a nursing student, here are a few suggestions that can help you cope up and make the most out of nursing school.

    Don't Skip Classes

    While this may sound basic, some students consider it to be ok to skip classes on and off. However, nursing classes tend to move syllabus quite frequently, where each session covers important topics that can help you improve your overall skills. If you miss classes, you will quickly lose pace and fall behind academically affecting your overall performance. It is advised to plan your vacations and other activities according to your schedule so that you don't lag behind in studies.

    Always Be On Time

    For nurses, it is pivotal to be on time to complete your clinical hours. At times, you might be required to commute to your site, which can be a hassle when the weather turns harsh, or you are running late. Moreover, if you miss your sessions, you will have to make up for the lost credit hours at the end of the semester. It can be extremely overwhelming and stressful to make up for the missed clinical hours at the last moment.

    Work In Groups

    When you study in groups, it makes it easier to allocate time for academics. Even when you don't have exams coming up, it still keeps you motivated. By reviewing your notes regularly, it will be easier for you to retain the knowledge and imply it beyond the scope of your classroom. Your classmates can be an additional resource to help you, and they can be your lifelong support throughout your tenure at the nursing school.

    Seek Guidance from Your Instructors

    If there is a big test ahead, you might need a refresher from your instructor. If you have any difficulty with a topic, it is advised to ask your instructor regarding the course work and material. Your instructor is a valuable resource that can help you survive nursing school. Moreover, your instructor will always want you to succeed so don't shy away when you need their help.

    Recap the Lesson Post Class

    Regardless of how many times the teacher tries to drill the lesson to students, they will not listen to it whatsoever. However, what can serve the need are regular study sessions that aren't much dragged. Students are better teachers as they can communicate the lesson in a simpler and relatable manner.
    Moreover, cramming lesson can result in more stress. Therefore, the best way to go about the situation is to seek the help from your peers and revise the lesson post classes every day.
    Decide a time frame you will allocate to reviewing the syllabus for a quick review. Take out your notes while on the bus, grocery store queue or during the lunch break and just go through the coursework. This will eliminate the time you spend late at night trying to grasp concepts.

    Start Your Lessons with Meditation

    By devoting time for little things that may sound insignificant can ultimately have bigger rewards. Nurses tend to feel better when they collectively discuss their issues. This helps them to come up with comprehensive ways to reduce the stress.

    It is advised that nurses start their study sessions with simple meditation. This can be done in a group or alone. All you need to do is stop, breathe and think to help focus.

    Journal before Bedtime

    If you find yourself wide awake at night, wondering all the activities that you need to do the following day, try maintaining a journal. Many experts believe that sparing a few minutes before bed to note down your thoughts, concerns and experiences in a journal helps in planning better. It reduces the feelings associated with anxiety and stress. All those simple things that cross your mind and agitate you, simply start noting them down. Once done, dismiss them for the night. This way you will get a sound sleep ensuring you are organized for the day ahead.

    Focus On Your Meals

    You need to realize that nursing school is a marathon. The only way you can remain sane and healthy is by keeping yourself fit. As a nurse, you are a caregiver which makes it integral for you to be healthy and happy to perform your best at work.

    Final Words

    Lastly, don't consider your nursing school to be a prison, rather enjoy every moment you spend there. Your years will pass and you would ultimately realize that the struggle has shaped you into a better nurse who selflessly cares for patients.