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    12 Fun Facts Regarding Nursing Scrubs

    12 Fun Facts Regarding Nursing Scrubs

    Medical scrubs are primarily the protective work wear popularly used by the healthcare professionals to stay protected against bacteria, contaminants and other hazardous substance. At times, nurses wear these scrubs beyond the scope of their workplace. Today, we get a variety of scrubs where some are basic that are loose fitting for everyday wear, while other are fashion scrubs that fit well and look great.

    While you must be aware of all the do's and don'ts of scrubs. Here are a few fun facts that you may not know:

    • The scrubs you now commonly use have evolved by observing a nun's habit. In the past, nurses were the caretakers who used to care for the injured or sick. One of Florence Nightingale’ student started the trend of wearing floor length nursing wear to protect oneself and soon the trend spread across all reputed nursing institution in London.
    • Scrubs have not just been used in the hospital, but many backpackers prefer wearing scrubs since they are lightweight and are crafted using a premium fabric blend. Moreover, scrubs aid in movement that's why they are ideal for traveling purposes.
    • You must have observed that nurses dress differently from surgeons and doctors. The reason behind the distinguished dress code is that it makes it easier to identify them. Florence Nightingale herself suggested to make the dressing slightly different.
    • Earlier in the 1860, the nurses who were new wore ribbons in their cap bands in light colors. Similarly, black ribbons were used in cap bands indicating the superiority of a nurse.
    • Initially, wearing full length clothes as scrubs was very uncomfortable. Not only those dresses lacked style, but were not practical for the field. However, as a nurse at that time, being respectable was given precedence over comfort. They also wanted to distinguish themselves from servants and the dress had become a symbol of integrity.
    • After The World War I, the long medical dresses were evolved into skirts. The sleeves of the nursing scrub became more relaxed, enabling wearers to roll them up. All those serving as military nurses wore cape like scrubs known as tippets with badges that represented their rank. The changes enabled the nurses to move with ease and run from place to place with convenience.
    • The trend changed from 1950 to 1960 when medical professionals started to wear green colored scrubs as white scrubs caused blood to reflect resulted in blurry vision or eye strain.
    • In 1970, the use of scrubs became increasingly popular since they are easy to clean. Moreover, the scrubs are likely to inhibit the transmission of diseases.
    • Back in time scrubs were referred to as surgical greens. They were then called scrubs as surgeons changed into these clothes before surgery.
    • Earlier nurses used to wear hats as part of their medical uniform. The practice was discontinued as male nurses resisted to wear them.
    • Back in 1940, surgeons used to wear street clothes and aprons. They ultimately changed it as it was rude and unhygienic
    • All medical professionals now wear scrubs. The non-surgical scrubs are for those staff members that are outside while green and blue are opted by surgeons. The scrub tops you find online are either V-neck or short sleeved for your comfort. Moreover, you also get scrub jackets that are ideal for layering.

    Scrubs are not just a necessity but an identity for nurses now. They make a statement and resonate the dignity of the profession. These fun facts shared date back to the early 1900's denoting the importance of scrubs as early as the 1900s.