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    How Healthcare Professionals Can Stay Healthy at Work?

    How Healthcare Professionals Can Stay Healthy at Work?

    So by now you must be thinking, hey there, another article on "how to stay active at work". While you must have already read enough, and surely there is nothing out of the box here, but reinforcement pertaining to how important is to take care of oneself. Moreover, by following a healthy regime, you can be physically and mentally fit.

    As a doctor, you will be working for straight twelve hours and with night calls, the hours exceed far beyond. You will work as an educator instructing patients and attendants regarding the procedures, medication, lifestyle choices, and activities that may be hazardous to their health. While, as doctors we are far more aware of the important of a good lifestyle pattern, but often struggle to follow it ourselves. This is precisely true when it comes to practicing healthy habits that promote self-care.

    Following a Healthy Lifestyle at Work

    Before I jot down some ways through which you can lead a healthy life, let me share some wisdom to you. Working in the healthcare sector requires an extremely positive mindset. This is often neglected due to the taxing nature of your job as a doctor.

    The way we conduct ourselves, our emotional and mental attitude has a profound influence on our relationships, actions and desire to achieve our goals. Now, just consider one of the busiest shift you have worked on, it is rather exhausting and fast paced. The important aspect that you need to ponder upon is how you talk to yourself in those 12 hour long shift.

    Having an optimistic mindset is an integral part of reducing distress, fatigue and ultimately avoiding a fallout. All in all, it helps you work efficiently throughout your shift hours. Try avoiding those people who have a negative vibe, be kind to yourself, be receptive to praises and keep yourself as a priority.

    You need to understand that it is normal to get impatient, frustrated or annoyed. However, don't let those feelings overwhelm your outlook on life. Try to embrace the positivity, and channel them in a productive manner. Make sure you are armed with optimism!

    Here are a few ways through which you can stay active and healthy throughout your shift:

    1. Breathe

    It is simply not about breathing and making it through the shift, rather it is about the way we breathe. Research indicates the important of diaphragmatic, deep and slow breathing on our nervous system.

    As a doctor, we are often living on flight or in fight mode without realizing. Just make sure you adopt this breathing tip for any of those moments where you feel an adrenaline rush and need to calm your nerves. It's simply the best way to play and pause your shift.

    2. Stay Hydrated

    If you tend to feel extra fatigue, you may not realize that dehydration can be the root cause of your problem. Invest in a large reusable water bottle and refill it throughout your shift. Keep it with you at all times and drink on the go. You can also monitor your water consumption by downloading any water challenge app on your phone that help you stays on track.

    3. Keep Yourself Nourished

    Make sure you have nourishing and healthy snacks and meals throughout your day. Prepare your meal before your shift starts. The innate goal is to carry healthy home cooked meals and snacks whenever you feel that your stomach is growling.

    Try to consume whole foods instead of opting for grab and go processed foods. You can also have energy bars. Similarly, if you want your caffeine dose, try substituting with matcha coffee or any herbal tea.

    4. Establish a Routine

    The reason why people get off track easily is that they do not have a pattern or routine to follow. Those doctors who work 12 hours shift tend to find it difficult to establish a routine. Do not try to encompass your entire week rather make a plan for days you are working.

    Make sure that the routine you make drives you with the right mindset and energy. Give yourself ample time to adjust to it and do not force yourself. With time, you will get on track.

    5. Take a Break

    In actuality, most doctors do not have the luxury of taking a break during the day. If you are lucky enough with the resources and staff in place to take a lunch, so try to take a break, walk outside and clear your mind. A quick stroll to soak the sun can be a great way to start your day.

    It is evident that whatever I have stated above is rather easier said than done. You can start off by setting small goals and see how you feel regarding it. We need to understand that small changes can have a drastic impact.