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    How Is The Coronavirus Outbreak Affecting Our Lives

    How Is The Coronavirus Outbreak Affecting Our Lives

    The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2019 has resulted in a mass global health crisis that has had a drastic impact on the overall way we perceive the world and day to day life. At this point, the transmission pattern and rate of contagion have affected our life, but the safety precautions taken to contain the virus require social distancing by restricting people from leading their normal life. As humans, we find solace in the company of others and that's exactly what we are being stopped from.

    At this point, the role of different media platforms is increasingly crucial as they are the source to educate, spread awareness and reiterate the concept of social distancing. The spread of COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we work, learn and play. Today, school have closed, sports leagues have been cancelled, traveling has come to a halt and people are working from home.

    As per recent statistics, more than 930,000 people have been affected by the Coronavirus, where a high number of deaths have been reported globally. While a majority of people have also recovered, the continuous increase in the number of cases still remains to be alarming. In all honesty, COVID-19 is a tragedy that has affected human life badly.

    At present, hospitals are at their maximum capacity, unemployment has risen, economies are crashing and people are struggling with their day to day necessities. Many countries across the globe are in a state of lockdown, quarantine their citizens to prevent the disease from spreading.

    The Role Of Nurses

    Today, nurses are at the frontline combatting the disease. They are the frontrunners, fighting the disease by compromising on the safety of themselves and their loved ones.

    COVID-19 has taken the world by a storm, where paramedics are struggling to understand the pattern of the disease and come up with vaccines that can help overcome the disease. The struggle has thus been long and is likely to continue for the times to come.

    All over the globe, there has been a shortage of masks, protective gears and other nursing essentials which has made it difficult for nurses to render their service. Since, nurses and doctors are dealing with COVID-19 patients closely, they are at a higher probability to contact the disease without proper safety measures. Moreover, the deaths and constant increase in the number of cases, has poorly affected their mental health.

    Nurses are restricted from meeting their family members to avoid the transmission of disease to their loved ones. Working day in and day out, they are clad in layers and layers of protective gear so that they remain safe from the disease. The trauma of seeing patients dying has further affected their overall wellbeing.

    Today, there is a shortage of qualified doctors, nurses and paramedics in the United States forcing the government to encourage retired healthcare professionals to become a part of the workforce again. It is a pressing time for the entire nation, where concurrent efforts from both – nurses and citizens are required.

    Restricting the Transmission of the Disease

    To prevent the disease from spreading further, the need of social distancing is greater than ever. The question here arises, what is social distancing?

    In simple words, the notion to maintain a distance between people and oneself. In the current situation, a distance of at least six feet is required. This means, people have to minimize their contact with one another. Avoid using public transportation as much as possible, limit unnecessary travel, skip all social gatherings and work from home.

    While you may feel that you are young with a stronger immune system, you can still carry and transmit the disease to old people with underlying health conditions. For people who only show few symptoms can transmit the virus to other especially when the infection is in its initial stage. This means, even without knowing that you have the virus, you will be spreading it amongst other people. This way, you will be unknowingly contributing to the increase in number of people infected, spreading the virus rapidly.

    Now, the question here arises, how long will we need to practice social distancing?

    Well, nobody knows. According to experts, the more you take stricter social distancing measures, the faster the spread of the disease will slow down. At this point, it is our mutual responsibility to take adequate measures that will keep us and our loved ones safe.