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    5 Reasons For Making A Career In Medicine

    5 Reasons For Making A Career In Medicine

    There are a variety of reasons why people prefer to opt for a degree in Medicine. While this could be your personal calling, or financial interest, you need to understand that it is a long term commitment that should not be taken casually. So if you are still contemplating, here are a few reasons why you should pursue a career in Medicine.

    1. Diverse Career Opportunities

    It is at times overlooked, but this is profoundly a very convincing reason. Once you graduate, you will encounter a variety of job opportunities in the field of Medicine. There are more than 60 specialties that you can opt for making you spoilt for choices.

    You can opt for working within hospitals, research laboratories, healthcare facilities, or work in the medical department of any professional field. For instance, there are medicine graduates who are managing healthcare related jobs in the economic sector. You can also work in the legal department to verify the medical errors and fight for the right of patients. However, the first and primitive step is to choose the right study path that interests you.

    If you are not certain at this point, need not worry. As a student of medicine, you will have six years to decide what line of business you are interested in. since medicine is a dynamic field, you can opt for a sub-discipline that focuses on research or management.

    With chronic ailments and new cures, healthcare institutions require managers who are well versed with the principles of Medicine. Similarly, you can also work in the education sector if you are inclined towards that.

    2. Apply For Medicine Jobs Globally

    Across the globe, there is uniformity in terms of medical practice and knowledge. This means that if you graduate from the United States in the field of medicine or a Medical School in Melbourne, you will still be able to find a job anywhere in the world. This privilege is limited to certain professions including Medicine.

    The only aspect you need to consider is that of English is not spoken in your country of choice, you will be required to learn the local dialect. This is very important as it'll enable you to communicate with your patients and diagnose their symptoms.

    In case you choose to study abroad, you will see that most Medical schools require you to learn their native language as part of their curriculum or as an admission criterion. Before you opt for any medical program abroad, make sure to assess if your English skills are enough to graduate or practice medicine within the region.

    3. Easing the pain and suffering of your patients.

    If you have even been hospitalized or have visited a hospital, you may have witness vulnerability, pain and suffering. In such a situation, it is extremely easy for patients to feel desperate and suffer. Your job as a doctor is to cause them ease, understand their concerns and cure their ailments.

    In order to be a great doctor, it is therefore important to be empathetic and have great people's skills to handle difficult situations. It is important to be honest with them, encourage them and give them hope.

    There is no better feeling than seeing people healthy and joyful. Knowing that you play an important role in alleviating someone's pain and restoring their health is therefore one of the most important reasons for people who opt for field of Medicine.

    4. Need For Doctors

    It will not be a blatant claim to say that the world needs more doctors. According to an article published in Telegraph, "In 2013, the World Health Organization (WHO) projected that by 2030, low- and middle-income countries will have a deficit of 14.5 million healthcare professionals."

    The need for health care professionals is extremely high in countries like United States. With COVID-19, the demand has further intensified. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand and employment opportunities for doctors, nurses and physicians is expected to grow by 7-12% percent by 2028.

    The situation is reasonable in the European region in comparison to the Asian or African market, which require more medical support due to their development pace.

    The demand for doctors can be gauged from the fact that EU has restricted the employment of foreign nations in most fields, but this decision does not apply to doctors. Moreover, the need for healthcare professionals is so high that students tend to get a job right after they graduate.

    5. Better Wages

    One of the important reason to choose a career in Medicine is the job stability you will enjoy post-graduation. This reason is stronger than ever in countries where recession rate is high and the youth struggles with finding a decent job. Moreover, Medical experts in most cases are highly compensated. While this shouldn't be the primary reason for you to pursue a career in Medicine, but this shouldn't be ignored.