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    Why Nursing Is A Great Career Choice For Men?

    Why Nursing Is A Great Career Choice For Men?

    In the US, nursing has been dominated by mostly female. However, a change in trend is now being observed where more men are joining this noble professional. With COVID-19 changing the dynamics of the globe, there is a need for qualified nurses who are committed to giving back to the society.

    Generally, women are considered to be gentle and empathetic thereby nursing has been associated with them as a profession. While a substantially growing number of men are now considering to make a career in nursing, the stigma still persists in the healthcare sector for men.

    COVID-19 has taught the world at large regarding the importance of a stable health sector. Thereby, with economies understanding the need to invest in healthcare, men and women both can leverage from this growing industry.

    Nursing thus is not a just limited to any one gender rather it is one of those noble professions that welcomes all. If you are skeptical about choosing nursing as a career due to gender imbalance, here's why you should give it special consideration.

    1. Nursing Is One Of The Most In Demand Profession.

    Nursing is a rampantly growing industry. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the nursing industry is likely to grow by 16 percent between 2014 and 2024. These figures were presented when the world did not foresee the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with the onset of COVID-19, the pay, opportunities and job prospects have become more promising.

    It has been estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that the median wage for a nurse is $67,490 per annum, where specialized nurses make more than that. Therefore, men who join nursing as a profession will get more financial stability with improved growth opportunities.

    2. Men Are Familiar to The Basics Of Nursing

    You may assume that men joining the field of nursing is a rather new trend, but the history symbolizes that both men and women have been serving as nurses since long.

    For instance, in ancient Rome, the front line caregivers called Nosocomi were mostly men. During the American Civil War, there were more battlefield male nurses than female. Moreover, Jean Henry Dunant, Noble Laureate and the founder of the International Red Cross served as a nurse in his early life. While he categorized his nursing career as medical assistance or aide work, the fact remains the same that men have been in this profession since a long time.

    Over the last century, things changed as men were discouraged and banned from nursing. However, the present era, the need for male nurses is greater than ever.

    3. Male Patients Are More Comfortable With Male Nurses.

    Many a times, when a patient visits a nurse, they are not generally at their best. They can be a victim of emotional and physical distress and some men may also feel uncomfortable or vulnerable in front of a female nurse. They may be more comfortable and relaxed in front of another man.

    Both men and women can treat patients regardless of their gender, but humans have insecurities that need to be taken into consideration whilst working in the health sector. It is likely that men can offer a better experience by simply being who they are.

    4. You Will Get a Variety of Specialties to Choose From

    Nursing is a dynamic field of study that gives you access to various types of career paths and jobs. There will be one nursing that will certainly entice you. For instance, if you like kids, you can become a pediatric nurse. If you can deal with pressure, you can work in the ER department or if you are technical then become a nurse anesthetist.

    Nursing thus offers a variety of possibilities and since there is a dearth of male nurses, there will be higher chances of you to standout.

    5. Break Stereotypes

    Sadly, there is a stigma associated with male nurses. If there wasn't, there wouldn't be a need to draft this article. However, consider your importance in these troubled times, the healthcare sector needs you. Be a part of the change and help those who are in need of your support. Furthermore, with more men joining the nursing fraternity, the stigma will be dealt by itself. If you are man who desires to be a nurse, simply go ahead. Trust us, it is an honorable pursuit.

    All in all, nursing is the right professional for both men and women. Do not limit yourself simply because a lot of people don't do something rather set the trend for others to follow.